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I don't think that there is anything wrong with prostitution. I think it's a fine way to make a living. In fact, as good as it is now, it would be even better if it were legalized, because at least then it would be safer, since the customers wouldn't be as dangerous and instead of being on the streets where the ho could get murdered, they'd both be in some whorehouse. If you love sex then why not get paid for it? I could either get $10 a week from my parents for doing chores, or I could do what I did last saturday, which is get $150 for an hour-long fuck, which is what I probably would have been doing that day anyways. I don't care what anybody thinks. I love sex, and I love money. So, what's wrong with getting both?
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Man getting fudgepacked is this much more fun when I'm stoned. Seriously, if you've never gotten anal sex when you're fucked up in the head from weed, you are seriously missing out. Thank god I finally have that bottle of DXM - this is going to be a MIGHTY FUN WEEKEND. Man, I've never been this coherant when high before. Seriously, I don't even have a clue what I'm saying, but I know that I am typing shit, and this is Livejournal. Am I coherant? You tell me - my mind is fucked, that's all there is.

I'm going to go get assfucked again, and probably many more times tonight. Wow, would I ever say all this if I weren't stoned? Hell no.

Drunk Ashlee + McDonalds = Fun, Fun, Fun!

ASHLEE Simpson had a boozy blowup at a Toronto McDonald's last week that was captured on video. Canadian TV show "E Talk Daily" ran embarrassing footage that showed the slurry songstress climb on top of the counter, call a cashier who asked her to get down a "bitch" and refuse to take a picture with a fan after he declined her condition to "kiss my foot." The show reported that Simpson had been fueling up at the bar of the Toronto Four Seasons before embarking on the mayhem at McDonald's.

Asked about the video, Simpson's spokesman quipped, "A girl should be allowed to buy a burger in peace." It was only the latest in a rash of incidents involving soused celebs behaving badly at fast-food franchises.

Source: NYP